Tarnish Silver

One of the many kinds of accessories that people love to have around their necks is a silver necklace and while a silver necklace is easy enough to wear, keeping it clean and shiny takes a bit of doing. There are many ways you can clean your silver necklace and these ways come in the form of professional formulations that you can buy from jewelry stores or in home-made remedies that can work to remove tarnish and dirt from your necklace. Here are some tips on how you should clean your necklace to help it keep its luster and shine:

When you buy your silver necklace, make sure to get yourself a good gold and silver cleaner. There are paste cleaners, spray cleaners and dip cleaners you can choose from. Each one can effectively remove dirt and tarnish that may buildup on your necklace over time. Read the instructions for use on these products before using them and follow these instructions when you clean your silver necklace to help you keep your necklace clean and in tip-top condition.

When cleaning with the use of a cleaning paste, use a soft bristled baby toothbrush to apply the paste on your necklace if you need to brush out some hard to reach tarnish which may be seen sitting in cracks and crevices of the necklace’s chain. If you can remove the pendant from the chain, do so to clean it better as well.

When using a soft baby toothbrush to brush out the tarnish and dirt from your necklace, be sure to use a one-direction stroke and not a circular one. One way to do this is to lay down your necklace in a straight line on a clean piece of cotton cloth and run the toothbrush down its length. Wipe off the cleaning paste with the cotton cloth the first side after brushing it, turn over and repeat the process on the other side.

If you run out of cleaning paste, cleaning spray or cleaning dip for your silver necklace and it is too late to go out and buy one, you can actually get your silver necklace to sparkle and become clean again in an hour if you have baking soda in your house. Simply get a glass baking dish or pie dish and line this with aluminum or tin foil, making sure that the shiny side is facing you. You will then need to put your necklace on the foil in the dish and cover it entirely with hot water.

If you want, you can put all your other silver accessories in this cleaning bath too to clean them up in one sitting. Sprinkle baking powder into the water and see the bubbly reaction it has on your jewelry and on the water. Leave this sitting for an hour to help it clean the cracks and crevices of your silver jewelry. After an hour, remove your necklace and other silver jewelry from this bath and wipe them off slowly with either an old cotton t-shirt or an old cotton towel.