Silver Dip

When it comes to the silver necklace that you wear day in and day out, it should be properly taken care of if you wish it to last longer and retain its shine. Of course, since your silver pieces are also an investment, you would want to care for them the same way you would care for your other possessions. There are plenty of different ways to clean your silver accessories and there are also various silver cleaning products available in the market today.

But for those of you who are looking for something more affordable then there are also certain things that you can do at home to make sure that your silver becomes lack luster. If you want to do it yourself, you can try the most popular silver cleaning agent which is baking soda. Its quite simple, really, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

– Boil some water. Make sure that the amount is enough to submerge your silver necklace and all the other silver pieces that you wish to clean.
– Next, line a glass bowl or deep dish with some aluminum foil. If you have an aluminum pan lying around which you no longer use, this would work even better.
– Place all the silver pieces on top of the lined glass bowl or aluminum pan. Make sure that your silver pieces have direct contact with the aluminum.
– Sprinkle some baking soda on your silver pieces, making sure that you only form a thin layer upon them.
– Add the water. Make sure that its enough to submerge all the pieces. As you’re doing this, you will notice that small bubbles are now forming and that they are giving of a rather unpleasant rotten egg smell.
– You can also use a plastic or wooden spoon to stir the jewelry very gently. You’ll begin to notice the changes and that the silver has regained its lost luster.
– After all your pieces have completely regained its shine, you can then wash them in water. Remember to place a sieve over you drain to prevent any of the pieces from falling through.
– Wipe your jewels dry with a towel and polish it with a soft cloth.

Remember to wipe your silver necklace and other accessories dry before you store them because silver tarnishes easily once it comes in contact with moisture. Now, there are also silver pieces that are so old and have tarnished so much that they seem quite impossible to clean. But don’t throw them away just yet because there’s a chemical solution such as a tarnish dip which is often used to remove extreme tarnishing on silver pieces.

You can also take your pieces to a professional cleaner if you find the task to be too challenging and wearisome. Just make sure that you assess the items properly before you take them home. Lastly, keep your pieces away from moisture and make sure that you wipe them dry when you take them off. Remember, your sweat can also cause tarnishing in your silver pieces so make sure that you dry them off before you keep store them.